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The fruit of the tree is for man's food, and the leaves for man's medicine. Ezekiel 47:12

About Lisa Joy Scott – Founder and Owner of Mama’s Medicine Cabinet


My experience and research includes my personal healing for my family and myself. In my quest for better health, nutrition and healing, I have discovered the usefulness of herbs and essential oils. I have studied herbal medicines and nutrition for years to improve my families’ health. I am not a physician, just a mother discovering the healing properties of herbs. All of my products have been tested and proven on my family and friends, as well as my pets. My products are organic as much as possible and produced with love and blessings. Each ingredient has been carefully studied and chosen for maximum benefit, effectiveness, and safety.

My passion is to guide, teach and promote healing. I believe in treating people as a whole: spirit, mind, and body. The three are interconnected and forever seeking homeostasis. For optimum health, one must find balance and peace in every area of life.

I have studied Native American medicine, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine, crystal healing, energy medicine, mind body connection, Matrix Energetics, and pre-nursing. I hold certifications in Reiki and meditation instruction. I am currently enrolled at Kingdom College of Natural Health, for Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbal Master, and Nutrition Consultant.

Food For Thought

I cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy lifestyle and whole, nourishing foods. I see many skin conditions that are a direct link to improper nutrition or alcohol or tobacco consumption. Healthy skin begins on the inside. Watch what you put into your body! Most importantly, be diligent to study and research natural remedies on your own. Your health is in your hands, gain knowledge!

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